The Inflation Nightmare: How Inflation Is Slowly Consuming Your Income Since 2000. The Four Horsemen of Inflation Include College Tuition, Medical Costs, Housing, and Stagnant Wages

The comments above & below is an edited and abridged synopsis of an article by My Budget 360

Inflation has a slow destructive effect on purchasing power, so most people don’t think about it. They assume that the price of goods will go up because that is the way it has always been, but that is not true.

The Inflation Nightmare: How Inflation Is Slowly Consuming Your Income Since 2000 | BullionBuzzThe type of inflation we are seeing is debt-supported inflation that has made the cost of normally affordable goods inaccessible for most. It is also why retail has been severely affected. Yet where does most of your money go? For most households it is housing. For younger Americans it is college tuition, where inflation is out of control because debt has been disconnected from ability to pay.

There are four major issues that are affecting inflation and hitting your pocketbook: college tuition, medical care, housing and stagnant wages.

Your purchasing power simply does not go as far any more, especially with big-ticket expenses. Housing costs consume a large part of your budget. If you are a college student, tuition is back-breaking. And if you are sick, one illness can put you in bankruptcy.

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